Substations & transmission lines are part of an electrical generation, transmission, and distribution system. Substation components such as CTs, VTs, PTs and ground grid must be tested for their performance during substation commissioning. The grounding system in substation is very important as it protects the substation equipments from surges & lightning strikes and also protect the operating persons. Transmission lines plays important role in power distribution.

Losses due to Ineffective Control Systems:

  • Power outage.
  • Equipment health deterioration.
  • High-stress generation during sparking or flashover
  • May lead to a cascading series of shut downs and a major regional blackout
  • Health Assessment of earthing system and its integrity.
  • Survey, Design, Install, Test & Commission appropriate earthing system.
  • Design, install , test and commission Counterpoise Earthing System for transmission towers.
  • Testing of line impedance, step & touch potential.
  • Tests CTs, VTs, PTs and ground grid in new and existing substations
  • Test for ratio, polarity, burden, excitation curve for transformers, Tan-Delta measurements, static and dynamic resistance measurement, no-load and short circuit current.
  • Determination of circuit breaker and relay current threshold and timing.
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