Substation & Transmission Line Study

Substation & Transmission Line Study

Substation & Transmission Line Study


Substation & Transmission lines are the power interaction hub between multiple voltages that are primarily required to provide reliable power to load centers. Therefore, it is essential to ensure safe and reliable operations during lightning surges, electrical faults, or switching. Consequently, we provide exceptional services to enhance substation performance and prevent catastrophic failure, resulting in costly downtime and high O&M cost.

Substation Transmission lines are an essential part of the electrical system. These lines are accomplished by an extensive network of high-voltage power lines, including overhead wires underground, and submarine cables. Maintaining reliability, extending the life of transmission lines, increasing the electrical energy of transmission capabilities, preventing failures, and ensuring the safety of humans and assets are vital for uninterrupted operations.

Reliable, secure, accessible, and robust power transmission and distribution systems are critical elements in the growing global demand for electricity. Transmission and distribution systems provide a lifeline to rural and urban areas. The earthing system in the substation is essential as it protects the substation equipment from surges & lightning strikes and also protects the operating persons. 

The bulk transfer of electrical energy from the generation of power plants to electrical substations to end users requires an impeccable strategy and know-how. Our team, with their extensive knowledge and experience, assesses system vulnerabilities and develops designs that minimize the impact of losses to power facilities and networks.

Losses Due to Ineffective Control Systems

Power outage.

Equipment health deterioration.

High-stress generation during sparking or flashover

This may lead to a cascading series of shutdowns and a major regional blackout.

Our Offerings

Health Assessment of the earthing system and its integrity.

Survey, Design, Install, Test & Commission of appropriate Earthing System.

Design, install, test and commission Counterpoise Earthing System for transmission towers.

Testing of line impedance, step & touch potential.

Tests CTs, VTs, PTs and ground grid in new and existing substations

Test for ratio, polarity, burden, excitation curve for transformers, Tan-Delta measurements, static and dynamic resistance measurement, no-load and short circuit current.

Determination of circuit breaker and relay current threshold and timing.

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