Route Cause Analysis

"Problems are nothing but, Wake up call for creativity and Unique approach for an efficient investigation."

We are Identifying the true cause of any technical problem.We have pioneered a system that helps people better understand root causes.

Define Problem

Root cause analysis is an approach for identifying the underlying causes of an incident so that the most effective solutions can be identified and implemented.

Data Collection

Break the problem down into a visual map. Using a Cause Map provides a thorough explanation revealing all of the causes required to produce the problem.

Find Solution

Prevent or mitigate any negative impact to the goals by selecting the best solutions. Effective solutions should make a change to how people execute work process

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RCA Processes & Methods

Many root cause analysis tools can be used by a single person. Nevertheless, the outcome generally is better when a group of people works together to find the problem causes. Those ultimately responsible for removing the identified root cause(s) should be prominent members of the analysis team that set out to uncover them.


The Cause Solution method leverages fundamental principles to improve both the effectiveness and efficiency of problem-solving.Following Three key principles are for Cause Mapping.

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