Unique Electrical analysis

Manav Energy team has conducted numerous Root Cause Analysis for major organization and industries. With world class high-end testing equipment and our proven data collection methodology, our customers have saved tens of thousands of dollars and time by correctly identifying and fixing “the cause”. The solution offered does not involve replacing expensive circuitry or equipment unless required.

The Method

Typically when a plant stops working and the line trips, most people will spend time and effort identifying the problem and then money fixing that problem. However, the issue with identifying the problem is that this is not “the problem”, this is “the effect”. Root Cause Analysis is a method used to determine “the cause” behind the problem.

By gathering evidence and using the 5 Why approach the incident is backtracked to its true cause.

Root Cause Analysis Steps

Environment Diagnosis
Electronic Diagnosis
Electrical Diagnosis
Civil Diagnosis
Heating Diagnosis


Multiple approaches are taken to understand different aspects of the incident. This ensures the evidence is properly collected. The Root Cause Solution method leverages fundamental principles to improve both the effectiveness and efficiency of problem-solving.

Diagrammatic Approach

The issue diagram is used to analyze the cause-and-effect that helps track down the reasons for variations, defects, or failures.

Reasoning Approach

This interrogative technique is used to explore the cause-and-effect relationships underlying a particular problem. It is applicable to situations where a system’s performance has significantly shifted.

Problem Resolution

There are four distinct phases for resolving problems:

Analyzing the present condition of the system
Determining the problem statement
Construction of solution
Forecasting probable outcomes after implementation of solution