In our line of business, safety can never be compromised, which is why we manufacture products conforming to international standards. To attain best result, we also procure specially designed products from around the world.

Earthing & Bonding Products


Curec™ Regular

earth enhancing compound




Earth Mat (GI Mesh)

Earth Bar With Double Disconnecting Link

Earth Bar With Single Disconnecting Link

Earth Bar Without Disconnecting Link

Driving Stud

Earth Mat (Copper Mesh)

Earth Plate (GI)

Earth Plate (Solid Copper)

Heavy Duty Electrode Coupler

High Density Polypropylene (HDPE) Inspection Chamber

Cast Iron Inspection Cover

Pre-casted Concrete Inspection Cover

Internal Coupling Dowel

Molecularly Bonded Copper Over Steel Earth Plate

Molecularly Bonded Copper Over Steel Earth Rod

Solid Copper Earth Rod

Threaded Copper Bonded Earth Rod

Unthreaded Copper Bonded Earth Rod

Direct & Indirect Lightning Protection Products

Air Terminal With Mast

Air Termination Rod

earth enhancing compound

Gunmetal Multi-Point

Manav Vajra®

Rod to Cable Coupling


Threaded Air Rod

Earthing & Lightning Accessories

‘U’ Bolt Rod Clamp (Type GUV)

Bare Aluminum Tape

earth enhancing compound

Bare Copper Tape

Cable to Tape Square Clamp

DC Tape Clip (For Securing Flat Tape)

Galvanized Steel Tape

Hard Drawn Copper Bar

Metal Tape Clip

Oblong Test Clamp

PVC Coated Solid Round Conductor

PVC Covered Conductors

Rod to Cable Clamp (Type G)

Rod to Tape Clamp (Type A)

Screw down Test Clamp

Square Tape Clamp

Tinned Copper Tape

Bonding Products & Accessories

Cureweld™: Exothermic Weld Powder

Exothermic Handle Clamp

Exothermic Mould

Exothermic Tools & Accessories

Special Purpose Products

EM Compatible Glands for Apertures

EM Compensated Interfaces

EM Proof Door seals, Louvers and Filters

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