Curenite is an Advance Electrical Grade Bentonite which conforms to IEEE 80:2000,
clause 14.5 (b). The performance of this product is superior to commonly used Bentonite.It is manufactured under strict quality adherence. The test facility houses modern equipment that tests the manufactured products as per various national and international standards.


It is best used as backfill compound and replaces the soil in high-resistivityareas such as dessert, rock-bed, mountains, mines etc.

Product Features

  • Non-cracking Electrical Grade Bentonite
  • Resistivity – 2.25 Ohm-meter
  • Standard Packaging: 25 Kg; Customized packaging available

Salient Features

  • Ionic Capacity: Creates ions for easy conduction
  • DispersionCapacity: Spreads equally in the earth pit
  • Expansioncompound: Expands 13 times for strong bond between earth electrode and soil
  • AbsorptionCapacity: Absorbs atmospheric & surrounding moistureand retains it in soil

Physical Properties

  • ParticleSize: Available in granular form
  • WaterSolubility: It is partially miscible in water
  • pHvalue: 6 to 8 1000g/l at 20°C