World’s Best Organic Permanent Earth Enhancing Compound: ZERO MAINTENANCE. This compound is carbon-basedpermanent earth enhancing compound which enhances the dissipation capacity of soil by reducing resistivity of soil as per clause 14.5(d) of IEEE 80:2000 (2013).  The test facility houses test equipment to run required tests on manufactured products.


It is best used for mission critical projects, highly sensitive installations like data centers, control centers, defence systems, high value asset protection, iconic structures, large public congeeration areas like Stadiums, Airports, etc to acheive long-life maintenace free earthing system with best dessipation feature.

Product Features

  • Made from organic elements and minerals
  • Electrically & Thermally conductive
  • Creates conductive channels forquick fault-current dissipation
  • Least Corrosive&Non-Leaching
  • Resistivity – <0.01Ohm-meter
  • No Seasonal variation in resistivity
  • Conforming to IEEE 80 2013 Clause 14.5 (d)
  • Third party test conducted to conform to IEC 62561 Part 7
  • RoHS Complaint
  • Standard Packaging: 3 Kg; Customized packaging available
  • Provides stable earthing system at very-high or very-low temperatures

Salient Features

  • Ionic Capacity: Creates ions for easy conduction.
  • DispersionCapacity: Spreads equally in the earth pit.
  • ExpansionCapacity: Expands 18 to 20 times and removes entrapped air.
  • DiffusionCapacity: Diffuses into soil pores and creates conductive zone of earth pit.
  • SuperAbsorptioncompound: Absorbs thousands of kilo amperes (kA)

Physical Properties

  • ParticleSize: granular form
  • WaterSolubility: partially miscible in water.
  • pHvalue: 6.9 – 7.2 1000g/l at 20°C