Power Quality Management

Elaborate design and simulation are done to find solutions for each aspect of energy loss.

Effective Power Quality Management

Usage of loads like computers, starters, drives, FACTS and other nonlinear industrial devices demands awareness and attention to power quality issues. Poor quality of power causes not only physical damage to equipment but also results in additional performance issues.

These scenarios result in machine downtime, higher electricity consumption, equipment heating, humming, vibration and damage. It results in the process break down. Hence, power monitoring is critical to get optimal performance.

Effective Electrical Earthing Systems

  • Higher Reactive power requirement
  • Low power factor
  • Harmonics
  • Network unbalance
  • Transients (fast disturbances)
  • Voltage variations (dips, sags, swells, burn-outs)
  • Flicker
  • Oscillations (resonances)

Power Quality Management Solutions

A detailed and meticulous procedure is followed in Power Quality Study

High precision meters and trained manpower is deployed to determine power quality condition. The measurement is done directly on the ELV&/LV side and on CT/PT circuits for other voltage. The engineers take appropriate personal protection measures while working on live panels.

Unlike many other Companies, Power factor, unbalance, neutral current, flicker, Sag, swell, harmonics, surge, transients, energy losses etc. are all measured to determine polluting source or load.

All online measurements are carried out after understanding the source and load profiles:

  • Harmonics and Distortion
  • Transients
  • Power Factor
  • Voltage Sags & Dips
  • Current and Voltage Stability

The measurement provides real time scenario of the circuit. Mitigation measures are determined after analyzing the energy losses and distortions. It is important to understand the root cause of distortion and eliminate the same. Appropriate Harmonic Filters, Surge Suppressors, Snubbers etc. are designed their effects are simulated for residual portion of distortion.