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Manav Energy showcased electrical safety and reliability solutions for railways. We are group of subject matter experts who provide best in class solutions for major sectors such as railways, infrastructure, utilities, defence etc. Our experts can perform ambient survey, design, modelling and simulation for new railway network. We also provide adequacy studies, design validation of existing integrated networks. Looking into the survey criteria and design output, we identify the risks in the network and provide suitable mitigation measures. Read More..

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    "10th National Workshop on Earthing System"
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    "Effective Earthing to Ensuring safety and Reliability"
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    "Electrical Safety and reliability"
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Safety and reliability of assests is dependent on effective earthing. Earthing is a reference system for entire electrical and electronic equipment. Electrical Safety and Reliability is achieved through proper survey & designing of earthing and bonding system, EM management ,Hazard analysis and other related studies. Know More....

Manav Rail Introduction By Sonjib Banerjee

Manav develops EMC control plan comprising of EM Management, EM flow chart, EMC Process, Frequency plan, Impact Analysis, EMI Risks Analysis, Intra & Inter System Analysis and Measures to increase Immunity. We establish Equipment Category, Cabling Philosophy, Earthing & Bonding Philosophy. Special consideration for Safety Related System, Measures to mitigate emission, Assessment of Induced Voltages and Allowance of Electromagnetic Disturbance is measured, designed, analysed and simulated. Defining the EMC management roles & responsibilities to client, contractor, sub-contractors, vendors and manufacturer plays a vital role in electrical safety management in rail network. Publishing of survey, tests & measurements, design and modelling report is clearly charted as per project requirement. We follow IEC vvvvvv and ccccc to design, validate and model required rail network. We use CDEGS, ETAP and EMTP-RV softwares to design, validate, model and analyse steady state and transients’ criteria in the rail network. At Manav Safety is achieved thru design. Your Safety is our concern.

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