Lightning Protection & Management Systems (LPS/LMS)

Manav Energy has been protecting mission critical establishments for almost 20 years. We are known for our world class Lightning Protection System design and installation. Protection from direct and indirect lightning surges or strikes mandates expertise in system design, audit & analysis. We evaluate the unique requirements of each project we work on using advanced analytical software platforms.

Comprehensive Lightning
Protection System

Manav Energy provides Lightning Protection system that routes high energy through a defined path and dissipates it into an earthing system, hence protecting the infrastructure and people working in its vicinity.

Lightning discharges may produce high voltage surges, that can flow into sensitive electronic instruments and communications systems which cause electrical and electronic equipment failure. By using surge protectors and EM shields, such failures can be evaded.

Manav provides Lightning Protection System that consists of an air terminal, conductor cables referred to as Down-conductor and an earthing system. It also includes a lightning surge protector and EM shields.

Lightning Management & Protection

A detailed and meticulous procedure is followed to design a comprehensive Lightning Management & Protection system

Health Assessment & Audit

Earthing and bonding audit is a periodic requirement for every industrial and commercial establishment. It ensures the system is up to date, allowing the establishment to hold high standards in terms of electrical safety and reliability.

Process of assessment and audit:
  • Physical Inspection: As per International and national standards the physical health of the system is assessed.
  • Comparative Study: The present system is compared with the initial design criteria.
  • Residual Life Analysis: Lifespan of each component in the system is analysed to determine deterioration.
  • Maintenance Practice: The existing maintenance practice is reviewed. If required, changes are suggested depending on the outcome of the previous steps.
  • Mitigation: Easy, economical and implementable solutions are provided that the maintenance department can adapt and reduce the deviation from initially designed earthing system criterias.

Tests & Measurements

We conduct the following tests and measurements:

  • Visual Assessment of Lightning Protection Philosophy
  • Vertical Loop Impedance Test
  • Soil Resistivity Measurement
  • Resistance Test of Earthing Pit dedicated to Lightning Protection System

Design, Simulation and Modelling

Product Supply

  • Air Terminal With Mast

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  • Air Termination Rod

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  • Gunmetal Multi-Point

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  • Manav Vajra®

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  • StormSat

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  • Threaded Air Rod

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For existing assets:

  • Lightning Protection Asset Rejuvenation
  • Down Conductor Rerouting
  • Equipotential Bonding of Equipment & Conductors
  • Install SPD as per Protection Requirement
  • Pre-testing and Validation of Installed System

For new assets:

  • Install ESE or Conventional Lightning Protection system with counter as per Risk Analysis Result and Zonal Protection Level as per BSEN 62305 including foundation with dedicated earthing system.
  • LPS mast is designed and installed as per wind speed of the region.
  • Install down-conductor cables such that thermal, mechanical, electrical and electromagnetic effects of lightning for external and internal assets is managed.
  • Install SPD as per Protection Requirement
  • Pre-Testing and Validation of Installed System