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Lightning Protection System

Lightning is an electrostatic discharge between cloud to cloud and cloud to ground during a thunder storm. A Lightning Protection System routes high energy through a defined path and dissipates energy into an earthing system.

A Lightning Protection System (LPS) consists of air terminal, Conductor Cables referred to as down-conductor and earthing system. Indirectly it includes surge protection device and spatial shield.

High voltages produced by lightning discharges flow into sensitive electronic instruments and communications systems. Lightning and surges (transients) cause losses of electrical and electronic equipment. Detailed study and analysis on lightning and surges provide solutions to protect equipment and minimize losses/damages.

Design And Documentation


Audit And Study

Simulation And Analysis

Testing and commissioning

Testing & Commissioning of LPS

Proper commissioning of LPS is essential to maintain safe energy dissipation and also provide a low resistive path to the high energy current. We design, commission and validate direct & indirect lightning protection system to observe its deviation from its designed state.

  • Visual inspection of installed LPS conductors and joints
  • Test the resistance of earthning system connected to LPS
  • Perform impedance test for down conductors
  • Check mechanical protection components are intact and in the right place.
  • Check the LPS using its remote connectivity

Validation of existing LPS

Validation of existing direct & indirect lightning protection system is an essential maintenance activity. This enables to check the present protection system condition with respect to its designed criteria. We provide easy, economical implementable solutions which the maintenance department can adapt and reduce the deviation from designed phase.

  • Perform a site survey to understand the existing Lightning         Protection System (LPS) and identify the vulnerable assets.
  • Perform impedance test for down conductors
  • Tests for spurious current flow in existing grounds.
  • Study the existing Surge Protection Devices.
  • Earthing & Bonding evaluation for LPS earthing system
    • Soil Resistivity Measurement
    • Examination of earth grid health
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