For a country to thrive, it is required to have reliable Infrastructure. In the new normal where pandemic has become an everyday reality that we need to face, the reliability of infrastructure has become even more crucial.

Energy production, transmission and distribution are key elements of a country’s infrastructure. Achieving reliability in the energy sector can empower people and improving ease of living. At the inaugural session of the India Energy Forum on 26th October 2020, PM Modi said that “India believes that access to energy must be affordable and reliable. That is when social economic transformation can take place”.

Reliability During Changing Conditions

India is projected to emerge as a leading energy consumer, with energy consumption set to double over the long term. However, with growth comes change. For reliability of energy infrastructure, it is necessary to ensure that we are ready for change. While we focus on building new projects, we must also look at rooting out inefficiencies and problems in current infrastructure. In these pandemic times, this is even more crucial as the effects of energy availability failure have increased manifold – affecting hospitals and other critical services which the people are in dire need of.

Mumbai Power Outage – October 2020

A recent example is the Mumbai power outage – causing not only inconvenience to a major part of Mumbai but also threat to normal operations of critical care of hospitals, halting of trains mid-track, etc. While the Maharashtra state government and Tata Power team have worked to ensure restoration of supply, the question is now how can we ensure reliable operations in this new normal? Maharashtra Energy Minister Nitin Raut was quoted as saying in an official statement “Why was power tripped? What was the fault? We should understand this first”.

Root Cause Analysis

A solution to this dilemma is conducting Root Cause Analysis (RCA) to determine “the cause” behind the problem. Using 5 Why approach, with world-class high-end testing equipment and proven data collection methodology, Manav Team of experts have identified the exact source of problems and solved countless cases of unexpected trips, faulty cables, saving not only cost and time but also ensuring reliability of operations for our clients worldwide.

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