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Earthing & Bonding

Electrical “Grounding” has two parts: an “earthing” and a “bonding” function.

Effective earthing is a necessity for all electrical and electronic systems. It provides low resistance path for fault current, shield from external surges, maintains equipotential protection system, provides a path for dissipating energy from external source and act as a reference for protection system.

Effective bonding is needed to allow current to flow seamlessly, assuring that a circuit breaker will trip or fuse will blow during short circuit or overload scenario. Bonding is the way of joining of two electrical conductors together such as wire to wire, wire to the pipe, or between two Types of equipment. Bonding ensures equipotential between two points.

Earthing Design And Documentation



Step 1

Multi-layer soil mapping is done to analyze the terrain.

Step 2

Sizing of the conductor to carry max system fault current considering max soil enthalpy.

Step 3

Control of current density in each conductor through real time simulation.

Step 4

Sizing of the conductor to carry max system fault current considering max soil enthalpy.

Step 5

3D and 2D Mapping of step and touch potential.

Step 6

effective Grid resistance is achieved using specialized concepts.

Step 7

Earthing grid adequacy study for lightning transients.

Step 8

Design report.

Earthing Audit And Study

Earthing System

Simulation And Analysis

Earthing System

Testing and commissioning

Earthing System


Commissioning Of Earthing System

Proper commissioning of an earthing system is essential to maintain safe touch & step potentials over the grid and also provide a low resistive path to the fault current. We validate the design and installation process by performing site supervision during installation and also remeasure the earthing system in terms of potential rise, current distributions and the grid resistance to observe its deviation from its designed state.

Validation Of Existing Earthing System

Validation of existing earthing system is essential maintenance activity. This enables to check the present earthing system’s condition with respect to its designed criteria. We provide easy, economical implementable solutions which the maintenance department can adapt and reduce the deviation from designed earthing system.

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