Miscellaneous Accessories

These compounds are used to enhance soil properties and increase the effectiveness of your earthing system.

Why our Product?
  • Electrically & Thermally conductive*
  • It confirms to IEEE 80:2000 clause 14.5(b);14.5(d)
  • Suitable for heterogeneous as well as homogeneous soil structures
  • Non-leaching compound
  • Shelf life up to 24 years
  • Eco-friendly


This enclosure protects the earth pit from any external damage.

Features :-
  • 5 Ton pint load capacity.
  • Has pre-built slot to engage earth bar.
  • Locking mechanism available.
  • Can be relocated and used unlike concrete chambers.
  • Available off the shelf in various size.


Earthing Accessories included Followings :
  • Driving Stud
  • Coupler
  • U bolt clamps
  • Bus bars
  • Connecting lugs
  • Stainless steel nut-bolts with various sizes
  • Copper cables


The following are the some different earthing accessories that we provideThe following are the some different earthing accessories that we provide :

Clamps-C (Rod to Cable) : -

Rod to Cable Clamp - C type that is used for tightening various grounding materials and are available in different specifications.

Clamp-B (Rod to Tape) : -

Rod to Tape Clamp - B type available in different specifications. These copper alloy clamps- rods are having excellent durability, high performance, corrosion abrasion and reliability.

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Our Suggestion Your Choice
Rejuvenation of existing earth pit/s
Curec+ / Terec+ Is Best For You.
Residential earth pit/s creation
Curanite Is Best For You.
New earth Pit/s creation
Earthing Kit Is Best For You.

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