Intelligent Lightning Arresters (Air Terminals)

A lightning arrester is a technology used to ensure the protection from the harming effects of lightning. At the point when a lightning surge (or switching surge, which is fundamentally the same ) goes along the electrical cable to the arrester, the current from the surge is redirected through the arrestor to earth. If protection fails or is absent, lightning that strikes the system introduces thousands of kilovolts that may damage the transmission lines, and can also cause severe damage to transformers and other electrical or electronic devices. Lightning-produced extreme voltage spikes in incoming power lines can even cause death. ​

Early streamer emission (ESE) lightning protection arresters are a relatively new approach to lightning damage. They hold promise for a more effective protection against lighting. They have an embedded technology to attract the lightning surge with better efficiency, hence protecting the other systems better than a normal lighting arrester.  

Generation III Intelligent Lightning Arresters (Air Terminals)


A state-of-art Early Streamer Emission (ESE) Lightning Conductor which is intelligent, synchronizable and remotely monitored.

Satelit-3 is the only 3rd Generation Intelligent Lightning Arresters and confirms to the French Standard, NFC 17 102. The device is an inbuilt static generator and has the capability to charge itself to 35 - 45 Kilo volt depending on the model selected. It brings freedom in LPS design and simplicity in the installation process.

  • Detects charge of the descending lightning strike of both positive & negative polarity & synchronizes itself           to send upward leaders accordingly.
  • Ready for repeat strike of either polarity in 140 micro seconds.
  • It works independently of shape, size, geometry & isolation of the structure & comfortable in all terrain.
  • Nuclear Power Plants
  • Space Research Centers
  • Military Establishments
  • Telecommunication Stations
  • IT Parks, Intelligent Buildings, High-Rise Multi-Storied Buildings Places Of Historical Importance.
  • Modern Hospitals, Museums.

Generation III Intelligent Lightning Arresters (Air Terminals)


The StormSAT® is installed at the highest point of the structure to protect, as for all lightning rods.StormSAT® offers a real revolution in the lightning protection world, securing and protecting the site along with its staff. All the data collected by the LMS allows also an excellent maintenance follow up as soon as it's installed, guaranteeing an optimum security and protection.

  • PROTECTION : Early Streamer Emission with two devices: Impulse for the tracer release and power for the propagation.
  • DETECTION : Detection Device and storm activity measurement through 2 field sensors: Electrostatic and Electromagnetic.
  • E-COMPUTER / CHARACTERIZATION : Built-in lightning counter, with timestamp and sampling of the captured lightning currents.
  • ANALYSYS / CONFIGURATION : Live monitoring, setting and control remotely between StormSAT® and the user through network connection
How It Works
Early Streamer Emission Lightning Conductor

Satelit™ +G2

Satelit™ +G2 second generation of the ESE Satelit™ + offers an improved performance of its ionization impulse capacity. Its efficiency and reliability are proven by the results of the certification tests made in high voltage laboratories in France and abroad according to NF C 17-102 standard.
The installation of a lightning protection system follows the rules defined in the NF C 17-102 Standard as well as those defined in the risk assessment study when requested.

  • Entirely stainless steel Satelit™ +G2 resists multiple lightning strikes and oxidation caused by pollution.
  • Autonomous - designed for optimal triggering of the lightning channel.
  • Easy installation
  • The operation is extremely safe - function only when thunderstorm starts-backed up by electrical continuity between the tip and earthing system.
  • Automatically programmed to adapt to the strength of a thunderstorm.
  • Tip : 16mm 304L Stainless steel
  • Body : 304L Stainless steel
  • Weight : 3.6kg

Generation II Intelligent Lightning Arresters (Air Terminals)


Protector Early Streamer Emission (ESE) Lightning Arrester complies with NFC 17 102 and does not involve dead air terminals. The system emits approx. 11 kV upward leader by a process called Venturi Effect. Protector emits an upward leader seeking for a descending lightning stroke.
The lightning is grounded through the active system, down conductor and a respective ground. The upward leader provides a predetermined path to ground the lightning strike safely. The upward leader gives an optimum protection radii of 79 meters with 5 meters mast, which protects from strikes of 3 kA and above.

  • The Protector is an ESE type of 'active' lightning conductor that provides zonal protection in accordance with standard NFC17102.
  • The PROTECTOR is a sturdy robust device mode of 304L stainless steel.
  • It is protected against corrosion and needs no maintenance.
  • Needs no external power source.
  • Compact and easy to install.
  • Warranty for 2 years.
  • Tested and certified by ODTU University Laboratories in Turkey(Europe).
  • Large multi storied/high rise residential complexes and housing colonies.A single Protector can cover several blocks.large multi storied / high-rise office complexes, multiplexes, shopping malls, etc.
  • Modern buildings housing IT offices, BOP and concentration of sensitive electronic or telecom equipment.
  • Factories having plc based controls for critical plant and machinery.
  • Hospitals, cinema halls, museums, old monuments.

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